Saturday, March 22, 2008

Try out-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :-)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Super/Cali/Fragilistic/Expiali/Docious)

Super – Above
Cali- Beauty
Fragilistic- Delicate
Expeali- To atone
Docious- Educated

It is a word in the song with the same title in the musical film Marry poppins. This explication suits the fictional nature of Marry poppins = superlatively beautiful and supremely intelligent!
This 34 lettered word generally means wonderful and at times it is also used as a nonsense word that is used to describe the longest word.

* How many of you like vaseegara song from the movie Minnale? Vaseegara or the one who attracts is a cynosure. Lodestone and magnetic are other such words.

* In a group, many times you would have shared secret codes or eye talks with your dear ones asking the other to be ssshh about something. You are indirectly hinting your dear ones not to spill the beans and this is to Insinuate.

* Gone are the words stupid, nonsense, fool etc. Why not use better words.
How about Contumacious which means stubbornly disobedient ;-)

* You will be Saccharine or excessively sweet if you spare your comments lol

Friday, March 14, 2008

Everything about M.B.A

Gone are days when M.B.A stood for just Master of Business Administration, it has extended to Making Big Achievements!

Well what’s an M.B.A?
M.B.A is a versatile art and a Manager which works on PODSCoRB principle:

Another important tool is the SWOT Analysis Evaluate your:Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. So friends know your plus and minus really well, work on them and make sure that your plus usurps your minus;-)

You have a palette of exams qualifying which will take you to GD’s and PI’s
1. CAT
2. XAT
5. MAT
7. FMS
9. CET
10. TANCET and …

Tips to crack your management exams-5steps to success:

· Analyze about the exams well in prior so that you can plan your strategy
· Make your fundamentals very strong; the unbreakable questions are merely a jugglery of these
· Have all formulae, shortcuts and important results written and afresh your memory with these everyday.
· Solve many sample papers and make a note of areas where you ace and areas where you need to improvise.
· Identify and answer easier questions first, tackle tougher ones next. When you go with this approach the probability of you answering more questions is higher.
“M.B.A = ( Hard + Smart ) Work”

Start up books that I would suggest for every aspirant: Word power by Norman Lewis and R.S.Agarwal.

Coming to the next level –GROUP DISCUSSIONS:
Play your role:
Ø Opener
Ø The first mover
Ø The example giver
Ø Discussion expander
Ø Mediator
Ø Late entrant
Ø Closer
Your body language and content plays a vital role here.

PI is all about "YOU"-be honest and be yourself!
Some of the FAQ’s are:
Ø Tell me about yourself
Ø Why an M.B.A?
Ø Discuss about your short/mid/long term goals
Ø Questions from your core subjects
Ø What makes you unique to take you?

-To strike the right cord, create a first impression by answering ‘Tell me about your self well’
-Match your USP with theirs.
-Scan the website of that institution as a pre requisite.
-A way to answer queries is by P-R-E-P way that is Point, Reason, Example, and Point. Here the first ‘point’ refers to ‘the general’ and the next refers ‘parallel to your life’

The race is already on – Bell the CAT – Meao :-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is all about Google’s unwavering emphasis on innovation, unmatched search capacity and vast computational resources. The quest for immediate information on anything and everything is satisfied by ‘Googling’ it on computers or cell phones. Woven into the fabric of daily life, Google has seemingly become indispensable! We rely on it so heavily that it’s difficult to imagine a life without it.

Hats off!-Larry Page and Sergey Brin (better known as Google Guys) for this breakthrough in technology.
To google means ‘to search’, a noun that has become a verb in English and other languages and is a testament to its pervasive influence on global culture.

Motto: Don’t Be Evil
Mission: To make all of the world’s information freely accessible and useful.

Do you know that Google the research project has become!?!

->What does google mean?
Brin and Page wanted a catchy name that hadn’t already been taken. Their office-mate came up with ‘Googolplex’ (googolplex is a huge number). They liked it shorter and misspelled it in the work station as Google.
Google means a very large number. It is the number ‘1’ followed by 100 zeros. It is a mathematical term and is spelled g-o-o-g-o-l. So that’s the right way google is spelled.

->They wanted to let their search engine speak for itself.
Other websites spent a good chunk on advertising but Google guys believed in the word of mouth. Initially they sent out an email newsletter to a list they called google friends and urged people to spread the word. Google was entirely spread through word of mouth!

->Google’s web design
Breaking a basic rule of advertising, its main page-the one most viewed by users-is devoid of ads. Google’s clean, pristine look attracted computer users hunting for information. In a cluttered world, its primary colors and white background conveyed purity, with universal appeal. Also it could load more quickly. To add on google wishes its users in its home page when ever there is an occasion to celebrate.

Google assembles each and every PC in its massive network inside secure facilities that are strictly off-limits to outsiders. Google is able to do this affordably because the massive scale of its operation makes it cost effective and of higher quality than buying custom PCs from someone else.

->Page Rank Algorithm
A press release described their page ranking system for ranking search engine results as consisting of 500 million variables and two billion terms! Google has assigned numbers to those pages to correspond roughly to their importance. The page ranking is some of all things pointing to it. Counting the number of links pointing to a website was a way of ranking that site’s popularity.

->Google ads
They have a bright line on the results page that separated free search results from ads. Instead of merely displaying an ad from the vendor willing to pay the most, goggle ranked ads based on a formula that took into account both how much someone offered and how frequent users clicked. More popular ads rose to top and less popular ones drifted downward. It was consumer pull, rather than business push, that would determine where ads appear.

->Emotional Connection
When google needed to convey an important message to its millions of users, its spartian white homepage made a handy billboard, since any bit of extra text instantly grabbed attention. For instance, after a devastating Tsunami wreaked havoc in south Asia, it used the space to provide international relief efforts to raise money and provide assistance for the victims.

Thank god it’s Friday! This syndrome is very popular in many software concerns. But google had done something special about it-A rule that software engineers spend 20% of their time, or on day a week, working on whatever projects interested them! People are more productive when they are working on something they are passionate about and this 20percent time was given to them to explore. Once an idea matures, they start talking about it in a public forum within the confines of the company. This is a wonderful paradigm and has contributed a lot in budding new ideas and producing things.

And for more information visit Techy Din’s blog
These are just a drop in the ocean google and for all your queries I have placed a GOOGLE SEARCH box in the top left of this page. Happy Googling!

A special thanks to David A. Vise and my cousin :-)