Friday, January 11, 2008


H-heart throb of millions!
R-romantic dude
H-haut haut handsome
I- indubitably rocking
K-king of hip hop

Jabsey meiney kaho na pyar hain dekha hain mein prem ki diwani ho gayi hoon.kabsey aap mujhe achey lagney lagey ye na tum jaano na hum. Aapkey yaadein, hamey kabhi kushi kabhi gham kar gaye. Aisa lagtha hein ki is fiza pey aapney !>!-!OOM machadiya ho!

To begin with hez my heart throb and its his HappY HappY BirthdaY today and that makes the day more special. Happy bday “HRITHIK“.

Nicknamed as Duggu :-)…Duggu earned his bachelors degree in B.Com and then had plans of making in into the field of media. Duggu’s first movie role was as a child artist when he was six years old in the movie Aasha, where he appeared in a dance sequence as an extra.

His 1st breakthrough kaho na pyar hein was the hit of the decade and earned him a film fare not only as the best new comer but as the best actor too!. With his hard work, he is giving life to his every character and is rising higher and higher like a phoenix !

I admire his perseverance for he has worked that hard to come out of his stammering difficulty and kudos to his mastery of hip hop and I can go on and on…in a nutshell -Hrithik ney CrazY kiya rey ;-)

Wishing him success in all his endeavors-“HrithiK RockS n HrithiK RuleZ”

Saturday, January 5, 2008


As my eyes chanced upon an effulgent rainbow and its variegated colors-I got lost! Out of the blue it struck me why not turn it into a golden opportunity to put about colors in black and white? Ever wondered what the world would be like without colors? Imagine no blue sky, no red tomatoes, no green leaves and no yellow sun. Ah! What a dull place it would be and life would seem lifeless :-(

No wonder color colors our language too, giving it every shade under the sun and by brightening every sentence we speak/write. Think of the words that we use to describe how we feel. At various times we are green with envy, grey with exhaustion or white with rage. At other times we can fall into a black mood or a purple passion.

Life is like a palette, color it your way! Get started-Lets play with colors:

RED: Hot and happening! These shades spread enthusiasm. Also these remind us of those outrageous people who dare to call a spade, a spade!
A red rose in the red lettered day for the ones you love!
How about the passion to chase our dreams of deserving a red carpet treatment (touch wood)

BLACK: Black is beauty and beauty is black. Don’t tell me you have never got sunk into the deep black eyes of your beloved ones!. Life becomes a complete black out for people who are caught red handed with black money. Black is the color for most of the formal occasions too.

GREEN: Go green, Green city-these are the hoardings that you very often seem to meet with every turn you take.
Green is generally associated with
freshness and neophytes. Since life is like a chimera, the other side of the grass always seems green ;-)

BLUE: The coolness of the sea, the calmness of the sky…In fact three fourths of the world is blue, blue and blue!How blessed we would be if we are packed amidst true blue friends.What an immense happiness it is to be a part of the silver jubilee college reunion which happens once in a blue moon!

WHITE: Here comes white, bright as light! Generally white symbolizes peace and purity.
Every young aspiring minds aim to gravitate for white collared jobs. Many a times a white lie helps in not spoiling the show. ( Nah! I can seldom stand an unnecessary lie-be it black or white lol)

Well, I am tickled pink that you made an effort to visit my blog and for this deed may you be blessed to stay in the pink of health forever!

So color, color what color do you choose :-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


On this first day of the year, let me first wish you a HappY HappY NeW YeaR!

We cannot forget the very day of our first cry when we made our entry into this world nor can we forget first step in schools and colleges which shaped our careers and indisputably those are the real
golden days!. Many people want to come first in everything (Be it school first or state first).

Who won the first world cup? Who was the first president of our country? First crush ;-)?First love?
First choice, First wish, first thought, first aid , first prize and the list goes on...
Be it from history or in our own lives, the bondage with “first” is deep rooted and matters a lot !

Some people are capable to draw our attention with their magnetic eyes while others make our heads turn with their cogent and articulate talks. Few others steal the show with their levity and the rest do the same by taking us miles away with their smiles :-) ! ! In a nutshell, all these are associated with the captivating “first meet”.

When it comes to interviews or parties the race is still worse, here you dress up to please others to strike a “first impression” with them.
This tantalizing world has made many people to think it is important to be 'first’, but then it is more important to be YOURSELF first”.
Just be yourself coz people who consider you precious will never let you go and for those who dont – why bother??? for you have already got lovely hearts awaiting! ! ! !

This is my “first” blog and now the floor is open to share your views regarding the “first” few things that made a difference in your life :-)