Monday, February 18, 2008


Beauty is a blessing, not many of us are blessed with good looks. But you can make your statement by being elegant and by choosing your right look.Keep updating and find more of whats in for the season. Unleash your style!

Suits – Women have an edge over the men as far as the colours are concerned. Make sure your suits fit well on your body structure and built. A bright stole can make a difference to your dull suit.

Colours – Wear contrasts for the social gatherings and keep the light shades for the formal occasions. A neat ironed attire with little work can make your interview day!

Perfumes – Use mild flavoured ones.

Lotions – Use lotions as they add a smoothness to the skin. They also save you from the hot sun or cool weather.

Hand bags – The colour of your sandals must match with the colour of your purse and must also complement to your entire outlook. Have tissues stored in bags.

Hair – Oiling your hair gives a negative feed. Short hair is easy to manage. Pinned up long hair or tying the hair back with pony tails gives a better projection.

Nails – The cleaner, the better. Keep them well shaped. When occasion demands, you can paint them.

Jewellery – For formal occasions have the stud ones and you can put on the hangings for the parties. Out with friends-try trendiez.

Make up – If you are comfortable wearing a make up then go ahead. Generally use a foundation that suits your skin colour.

You are never completely dressed until you wear a S-M-I-L-E and this is the bottom line!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Life is busy right…it is becoming busier as days pass by that we even forget the day when we entered into this beautiful world and other such vital days…hold on and think again…we can forget anything but not this – the day when we got the first glimpse of our Prince Charm/Dream Gal or the day when he/she stole your heart !:-)!

Who can dispel the spell caused by the Oscar winning romantic flick TITANIC? How about the lovely THREE ROSES ad? It lightheartedly moves the lady when the man says the THREE MAGICAL WORDS ’I love you’.How about the child like things which many of you would have tried in early schooling like playing with love calculator or putting flames ( If you have tried it out you would have obviously smiled as you read them :-) )

Love is an immense feeling of emotion which is unparalleled and associated with intense sentiment of heart, and you are right, it goes beyond definition – the magical word “LOVE”

So what does a sweet JULIET expect from the smart ROMEO ?
Here are SEVEN ways to make reach HEAVENS :

1.What else it could be? Its LOVE, love and more love :-)

2.To add on there are so many little things like the CARE which is conveyed when you ask her if she reached safe? ( It may sound silly or common to few but then it really works in the longer run )

3.Well many gals are POSSESSIVE about their beloved ( Obvious yaar for he s gonnab her prized possession!), so make sure you attend to her as well in the crowd.

4.Gone are the days when you gifted biggie biggie teddy’s or huge garlands of flowers. The modern lady is more impressed when GIFTED with new little things. So let your imaginations go wild in search for them and if possible make something by your own (I’m sure that will add a flavour!)

5.Never let your beloved down in front of others, explain things to her when she is unaccompanied and if that doesn’t seem to work then you can blast (juz kiddin)

6.Look into the EYES and get sunk in its beauty. Friends, looking into eyes coveys TRUST, builds a bond of reliability.( Where words FAIL, eyes SPEAK :-) ) HOLDING HANDS gives a sense of PROTECTIVE feeling which expresses Iam ALWAYS there for you and warms the atmosphere!

7.HUMOUR! It’s the highlight , for you can win many hearts with talks laced with unscathed humour and to go on that will add a spur between you.

These are the requisites of the JULIET, now to know what the ROMEO has to say visit
preeth's blog
Glad that amidst all the red roses n busy agenda, you had spared some time to vist the blog lol , Hope you had a “LOVE”ly day :-)

And here goes this dedication on behalf of sweet JULIET to smart ROMEO ;-) :

"Yaroo un khadhalil vazlvathu yaaroo un kanavinil neraivathu yaaroo....
yen salanaingal theirthida varaiyo…
yeno yen eravugal nelvathu yeno
oru pagal yenai suduvathu yeno
yen thanimaiyen avasthaigal thirathoo…
kadhal thara neenju kathu kidaku kaathalika angu neeramilaiya
neeramilaiyaa.. ellaiyai pol en ethayam thavari vizuthae.... "

P.S The above quoted is the title song of Kadalika Neyram Illai

Friday, February 8, 2008


Hey friends! Let me share with you about toon Disney’s jetix!
There is going to be a mega event happening on 15th feb at Nehru park in Chennai called the JETIX ACTION LEAGUE which is an interschool competition. Almost all the schools in Chennai have been invited and hope it would be a grand success show!

At the outset I should thank preeth for letting me know regarding this. She took me along and we conducted sessions in the schools. We were in different teams. We gave the kids a brief about the event, spoke about jetix super heros, had interactive sessions , played games(games with a twist- a jetix twist:-) ), about prizes and working in a team, explaining about team work,-I learnt that art too! For other details visit my friend preeth’s blog :-)

With every school we visit, the more enthusiastic we get. I could see their eyes twinkling with expectations and curiosity! Seeing so many kutty cute girls n smart boys the zeal in us spurs up and definitely we enjoyed what we were doing! Amidst all the jetix action we got few friends too :-)

So what are you waiting for ? Inform your chotu friends about this exclusively exciting event which has got captivating prizes in store! On your marks, get set n be there on 15th to witness the MAIN PICTURE :-)