Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A tribute to our “THOUGHT CATALYST”

It all started with a democratic class, we planned the agenda and we set its direction. In the very first class we said this, ‘Wow! It was a pataka!, we now have a very enthusiastic and inspiring faculty who is all set to prepare us to stay comfortable in our own state of discomfort’. How true our words proved to be!

You provoked our interests in compound interest, you gave us CLUES to understand concepts better, you made us conscious of our subconscious learning styles, you threw light on the various dimensions within us and above all you have always left us awed by your executive presence.

“Executable professionals, value proposition, Kolb’s model, communication palette, ice berg”, these words remind us of you and of the joy of learning with you!.

You have taken us through a transformational learning path and the wisdom that we gained will act as one of our signature strengths which will earn us a sure success amidst intense competition. In a nutshell, you taught us the syllabus of life. Kudos to you!

Unknown we met, well known we connect, a few words for you, forget us not!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Teacher's day!

The sparking passion, the powerful words, , the zeal, the ignited mind, the speed, the accuracy, the motivation, the comprehension, the honesty, the reach amidst students, the tejas in your eyes , the knowledge and wisdom rendered, the admiration, the reverential personality, the success mantra for many, the inspiration, my biggest blessing- to my guru -the guru of life! Wishing you a happy teacher’s day!
You have turned many complex situations simple, you have made me understand differences in the irrational and the rational, the vicious circles, the directing lines, the exponential growth, integrating people, the solution to every problem, with all these you have clearly explained me the value of numbers and the geometry of life! As I write this 50th post, I wish I get back to the square; to be in your classes and yet again learn the art of life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leadership camp by Nani Palkhiwala foundation

Mr. Rajiv Kumar Luv, Mr.Vijayanand Joshi and Mr. Vivek Patki, the thrimoorthi’s who facilitated us to learn the art of Leadership by handling interesting sessions on: Self esteem, Goal setting, Team work, Time management, Communication and Managing ourselves. These are the six magic mantras which were dealt with a three sixty degree perspective in the Leadership training camp sponsored by NANI PALKHIWALA foundation in association with Forum of free enterprise at MOP Vaishnav College for Women Chennai.
The session started with a beautiful message:” If you want normal results, your performance should be good; if you want good results your performance should be excellent but if you expect excellent results your performance should be outstanding”. The bottom line is that the race to perfection has no finish line!
The sessions were packed with information, fun, activities, lots of interaction and above all their passion which was evident from every word which they shared! Not just these, they also asked us to keep a track of ourselves and write to them about our progress.
In this information era, we have time for everything else and not much for ourselves and these sessions rightly tapped the point and took us through a palette of activities and started with self introspection, creative thinking, networking skills and articulate communication.
Initially all the members sat with our known group but then we got divided into different groups and by this they explained us that a leader has to come out of his comfort zone. A leader is the one who feels comfortable in his state of discomfort. Each hall was now packed with strangers and we now had an icebreaker wherein each of us were given ten minutes to go around the hall and to befriend as many as possible and that initiated networking and soon the hall was teeming with familiar faces.
Here are some of the interesting activities for you – “In one minute how many dots can you make?” (I learnt a way to make 600 plus!!! And by dots I really mean dots! and now tell me how many dots can you make?”
There was also an exercise to write 25 good things about YOU and that gave us an opportunity to explore ourselves.

Here comes the next exercise wherein we were asked to write about our short, mid and long term goals and not just that, we drew them as well! That reminds me that I felt extremely motivated and charged when I was to sketch three people who inspired me the most! The prime focus of these thought provoking sessions were to make us realize the following:
Remember, a goal is a dream with a deadline; and the clock is ticking…
Ultimately the purpose of life is to LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH and leave a LEGACY!
Be a leader and leave a legacy!