Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creating the brand "YOU"

To begin with can you find someone who is exactly like you in behavior, knowledge, talent, skills, personality and in appearance? The answer to this itself makes you one of the unique individuals in the world! You are already standing out of the crowd and now all you need to do is to make the crowd recognize you and your potentials! Make your self visible and make things happen! First and foremost- come out of your shells!!!
Here are a few points that could add a value to your life.
-See beyond visible
Dream the person whom you want to be and live your dream. Then the day is not fare when dream will turn into a reality. Remember dare to dream and dream to dare!

“All strength and force of all successful people comes from their faith in things unseen. He who BELIEVES is STRONG and he who DOUBTS is WEAK”

- Learn from the letter T
Not clear of what the above statement means? Well to understand that lets zero in on the making of the letter “T”. The horizontal bar signifies that you need to expand your horizons by acquiring knowledge about various fields. The vertical bar denotes that you need to master one of those areas by seeking in depth knowledge about it.

Pondering how to make this happen? For instance if you are an expert in area ‘A’, get yourselves surrounded by people who expertise in areas ‘B’,’C’,’D’ ie knowledge of those areas which you would prefer to get equipped with.

- Have a passion and learn continuously
The key ingredient of a high performer is his obsession and commitment to work. Keep yourself abreast by learning new things and that will keep you recognized.

- Work backwards
Take a minute or two and think what you want to be. Now take a second look thinking-doing what NOW will take you THERE? Once you are clear, start working!

- Look at the results not procedures
There is no way to create a brand called you except to start today, rather start now! Remember there is no single path to success and everything comes with sacrifice. The minutes you SAVE here will definitely help you PAVE your future!

Friday, January 16, 2009

ACHOMI -The queen of hearts !

Sharing a part with us for more than half a decade this little sweet cat is almost a part of our family. Named as Achomi it has definitely stolen a piece of heart of many! To begin with Achomi was not much welcomed by all of us but things veered when it gained our love by the way it conducted and expressed its unceasing behavior and beauty! It is definitely unlike the usual cats that you see around which jumps into your kitchen to fill its tummy. Achomi has never stolen anything except for our hearts ;-).

Everytime it enters it asks permission too (It says M-E-A-O which in hindi can be taken as mein aaoo lol). It’s very understanding too! For instance, when you are in dumps it will come to sit by your side just to listen to all your chores without talking back a word and comforts you.One can also share all your intricate secrets to Achoo -trust me for it will never be spread ;-).

Hyjkuillkljk;jh’kukhj’k-Oops wondering what that was? Well those were Achomi’s words for you(Achoo doesn’t much like us spending lot of time before computers when it has come). All I need to say is Achomi is just like you and me – full of warmth and affection!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There was a restriction on P-notes last October and this restriction came as a surprise to many. Before people could realize and get answers for all the ‘Wh’ questions (Why, where, who, what, when) he ban on the P-notes was reverted.

Participatory Notes or P-Notes are instruments issued by registered Foreign Institutional Investors (FII), who wish to invest in the Indian stock markets without registering themselves with the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). On registration these entities can directly invest in Indian stock markets, mutual funds, government securities, derivatives and debts.

On issuing P-notes and collecting funds, FII’s invest in Indian markets on behalf of the unidentified P-note holder. Some use P note to cut the transaction and brokerage cost. This in turn paves as a short cut for investors who don’t want to go through the entire process of registering. This route also allows the participants who are not eligible to trade in Indian markets to participate. SEBI are suspicious about some illegal money coming into the Indian markets. Thus the inappropriate utilization of unlawful money which comes in, gets traded and earns huge profits is feared.

To add on the illegal money if invested in any form of terror then the entire economy will be thrown into the threat and it might shatter the whole world consecutively. To protect the Indian capital market from manipulations and for ensuring greater transparency, participatory notes are sometimes referred to as problematic notes.

Indian regulators will not have any information to know who owns the underlying securities and as a result the issue of P-notes was restricted. Due to the restriction of this there was a sharp fall in the indices. In order to break the illegal activities mentally and psychologically, it was important to break them financially and hence SEBI took a closer look on the P-notes and the restriction imposed was taken off by tightening a few policies and relaxing the other policies. As an outcome of this deed the indices went up and more money came into the economy. Ultimately Indian markets have to be watchful with P-notes.