Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Teacher's day!

The sparking passion, the powerful words, , the zeal, the ignited mind, the speed, the accuracy, the motivation, the comprehension, the honesty, the reach amidst students, the tejas in your eyes , the knowledge and wisdom rendered, the admiration, the reverential personality, the success mantra for many, the inspiration, my biggest blessing- to my guru -the guru of life! Wishing you a happy teacher’s day!
You have turned many complex situations simple, you have made me understand differences in the irrational and the rational, the vicious circles, the directing lines, the exponential growth, integrating people, the solution to every problem, with all these you have clearly explained me the value of numbers and the geometry of life! As I write this 50th post, I wish I get back to the square; to be in your classes and yet again learn the art of life.

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