Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A tribute to our “THOUGHT CATALYST”

It all started with a democratic class, we planned the agenda and we set its direction. In the very first class we said this, ‘Wow! It was a pataka!, we now have a very enthusiastic and inspiring faculty who is all set to prepare us to stay comfortable in our own state of discomfort’. How true our words proved to be!

You provoked our interests in compound interest, you gave us CLUES to understand concepts better, you made us conscious of our subconscious learning styles, you threw light on the various dimensions within us and above all you have always left us awed by your executive presence.

“Executable professionals, value proposition, Kolb’s model, communication palette, ice berg”, these words remind us of you and of the joy of learning with you!.

You have taken us through a transformational learning path and the wisdom that we gained will act as one of our signature strengths which will earn us a sure success amidst intense competition. In a nutshell, you taught us the syllabus of life. Kudos to you!

Unknown we met, well known we connect, a few words for you, forget us not!


preeti said...

an amazing teacher.had a great experience learning.i know for sure all of which would have a life time application. with gratitude

Sai Janani said...

I know HR is fun.. But this much??? I enjoyed his sessions so so so much!A real thought catalyst! I regret the three classes i missed!
We ll all miss u SIR JI!

ameer said...

really had great time in all these 15 sessions, i really wonder can the classes be held in this way too ??!!.. interesting, impressive and informative...never missed even one session in all these 45 hrs... wish it continues....

ramya said...

the sessions are just what we wished u have.. these classes really mean a lot to us... whenever we had OTDD session, it made our day... these three months were full of wonderfull experience to us....

Sinthiya said...

i really wish to say that we are gonna miss his classes...:(
He was very much among ourselves in all the sessions..... He is one of the person who has given many value additions not only for me but also for everyone of us......

Archana said...

OTDD classes.... in the beginning I thought its just going to another set of classes... but now in the end of 15 classes I m able to realize the distance traveled, not just by me.. but by all of us... That external force was required to move us from the state of inertia... and thank you for helping us improve our life.. :)

Nisha said...

Our thoughts have been channelized, given meaning and valued only because of our 'Thought Catalyst'. No words can describe our gratitude.

Andal said...

I have attended only one session of yours..... but i heard a lot and learnt a lot from ur classes through my HR friends. eagerly waiting for the next sessions of RODINSOMCA.

abirami vitalesan said...

15 sessions i dont know how they went but we never bunked otdd classes and sir will be in the class before us.the way sir replied us individually is simply superb.He made us to realise our resposiblities and transformed us from

Durga.G said...

A very enthusiastic person.

Had really thought provoking and interactive sessions.

Time and space will not be sufficient to express about memorable OTDD sessions.

We are greatly thankful to you sir.

No more words to express about OTDD classes.


sridevi said...

He is really really a thought catalyst.....In the first session, i felt i was over burdened with heavy.... my head felt hard to grasp everything he said on the first day....but at the end of the session, he has made a remarkably noticeable transformational learning in me..... and all of us...
A wonderful person, a man with diverse experiences and really a very very sweet person to me :)

Shekarsan said...


Amidst all the pleasures and palaces we may roam, there is not place like home sweet home. Thank you for making me feel thoroughly at home.

First and foremost thank you all for making the last 8 weeks so memorably enjoyable for me too. I rejoiced as much as you did, lived through every moment of your joys and challenges, pains and pleasures. Right from day one, somehow your team had touched me completely by your earnestness and the faith you reposed in me.

What perhaps you may never know is how much I was challenged and stretched by you all. I came to each class very determined to take the session to a new high than the previous one and has a hard time living up to savor your escalating levels of expectations. Your questions were sincere but poignant and penetrating that left me deeply reflective. I was not doing any of you a favor by responding individually; there was so much meat in each of them for me to think about. In your own inimitable disarming style, you had heightened my responsibility towards teaching and the subject itself, that it had to extend liberally beyond the dictates of the syllabus. So you have played no small measure in making the way things turned out. You deserve as much credit yourselves, as you are liberally passing on to me.

For a few weeks to come, Mondays and Thursdays would not be the same and we will all feel a sense of void. But the memories of these 15 sessions will give us to power to realize the future we all dreamt about collectively in the class.

I have discovered the facets of your own dormant genius along with you and am amazed at the way you have all come into full bloom. I am sure the momentum you have built up will roll up into making you all a mature executive by the time the campus placement starts.

Perhaps the most touching tribute you gave me was the way you reassured the presence and the importance of the other faculty as well and rubbed off some of your warmth on to them. You discovered the power you possess to turn on your magical charm at your own sweet free will and influence them to consider you more worthy and with an altered frame of mind.

Lastly, I had always wanted to blog but never had anyone to inspire me to do so. Rajalakshmi has shown the way and I am bowled over not merely by the sheer aesthetics of the design but also the topicality of the contents and the richness of the readership profile she enjoys.

I would love to know what I need to do to start a blog from the Vijayadasami day for myself. Is it too much to ask to be accepted as a student as a return of favor?

Best wishes and thank you for a wonderfully meaningful time. They are as precious, if not more, than the gift of your Pierre cardin pen set that must have called for a big sacrifice out of your slender pocket money. I am touched indeed by your generosity.

I saw you demonstrate the potential for transformation once and it will happen more often from now on. You have just ignited the fire within. I will watch with excitement the next wave of your transformation from an Executive that you are all now, into a Business commando in the years to come. I know the future of Global Business is in very safe and able hands.

Invent a future of your dreams and start incubating it from this day on! We don't have tome to lose.

Praseela Nair said...

Good one Raji. Its really nice to see comments pouring to this wonderful post of yours where all of your community(HR)members have articulated their experience of attending those classes..I wish I were a HR student atleast to attend one of his classes