Sunday, February 7, 2010

Try answering

Every day we come across many questions, some are funny, some are left unanswered, a few keeps us pondering and a few others are so simple and yet become one of the most difficult ones to crack. Here is an interesting question for you all :)

There is a very logical answer to this question and it is definitely worth your try.

Question : In a town there are two hospitals, one is large and the other is small. On a day 60% of those born in one particular hospital are boys. Which hospital is it likely to be?

Courtesy - The Black swan

Answer: The basis of statistics is that large samples are more stable and should deviate less from average ie 50%. Deviation and sample size are inversely proportional. Hence the answer is small sample :)



I would go with the large one. because, as a large hospital, it would have facilities to determine the gender, hence large hospital is more likely to be the one. :)

Kalli by Sara Sekhar said...

maybe in the small hospital....

Nachiketas said...

Probabilistic... The Smaller one. Because it will have a smaller sample size and high probability of achieving the condition.

Ramesh said...

Not sure if the approach is right.

Let me change this qn to a different qn so that it would be easy to understand.

Let's say there are two boxes, A and B. The boxes are filled with some Black and Green balls.
Box A - Large hospital
Box B - Small hospital
Blak ball - Boy
Green ball - Girl)
Box A contains 100 balls.
Box B contains 50 balls.
The condition is that, the ratio of black and green balls in each box should be 1:1. (This satisfies the condition that the 'boy and girl ratio' should be 1 :1)
Now, draw 60% of black balls from each box and calculate the probability of both the events. The event with high probability is likely to happen.
A: Drawing 60% of black balls from box A.
P(A) = 50c30/100c30
B: Drawing 60% of black balls from box B.
P(B) = 25c15/50c15
This mean the event is more likely to happen when we choose Box B.
Hence, 'Smaller hospital' is the answer. :)

Rajalakshmi said...

@Ramesh: Maths ku ivalo naala nobel prize kudukalai, yen na ungala avanga paakalai, inimay kuduthira vendi than :)

Rajalakshmi said...

@Ketas:Neenga computer lendu yeppo maths puli ya maarineega?:)

Rajalakshmi said...

@Ram:MBA is all about substantiating the answer-be it right or wrong :)

Rajalakshmi said...

@Sara:No maybe and no may not be, how can the founder of mathgeeks be wrong :)

Kalli by Sara Sekhar said...

ahhh come on Raji.....its the smaller one...

Anonymous said...

nice post